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Annie Mayle

My name is Annie Mayle, and I am a Real Estate & Urban Analysis major at the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State. I'm minoring in Entrepreneurship, but a few people are convinced there is still time to convert me to horticulture. I am Mary Maloney's student administrative assistant, and I can't begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have come across this job. I work at a place that has a 15 foot steel praying mantis named Annabelle! I don't even like bugs, but I'm still convinced it was fate at work. I won't even get started on the people- the staff and volunteers are some of the most kind-hearted and hard-working people I've ever met.

To the left & right are a few pictures of my engagement picture session at Chadwick Arboretum, specifically in the Lane Avenue Gardens. The fabulous Anissa Lombardozzi of All Those Yesterday's Photography took these for me and my fiance, Frankie, long before I really even knew what Chadwick Arboretum was. Little did I know 8 months later I'd be helping to mulch there! Haha.

The fur ball featured in the pictures is my very best friend, Sydney. She is my 75 pound Great P. and Boxer "puppy" and I think it would be safe to say my life revolves around her happiness. What a joy it has been to raise such a sweet girl.

Other than playing with Sydney, & doing "all other duties as assigned" here at Chadwick Arboretum, my hobbies include cooking and baking, which goes hand-in-hand with eating- another favorite. I run a small baking business out of my home- Annabel's Bakery. You can check out my website at If you're not in market for cake, feel free to check out my blog, Trial & Error, at a blog centered around the idea that, "There is no innovation & creativity without failure. Period." Sometimes I share new recipes, sometimes I share my struggles, & sometimes I don't share anything at all. I'm kind of like a box of chocolates- you never know what you're gonna get! I hope to see you around our gardens sometime soon!