Last Installment of Featured Vendors

April 28, 2016

This is the third installment in a series of articles highlighting plants and vendors that will be available for the 2016 Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens Spring Plant Sale. This installment is some of the external vendors that will be at the Spring Plant Sale.

 Dannaher Landscaping & Nursery

For over 35 years, Dannaher Landscaping & Nursery has been committed to helping clients enhance their landscapes and outdoor living spaces with unique plants.

They have access to these unusual plants because we specialize in propagating and growing rare and unusual plants that are easy to grow and hardy in the central Ohio and surrounding areas.

They have the knowledge behind growing these plants successfully because they grow them in at their nursery in central Ohio and use them in their landscape designs.


scioto gardens logo Scioto Gardens

A thriving Central Ohio container nursery and specialty plant supplier offering distinctive, high-quality perennials, ferns, grasses and flowering shrubs for residential, commercial and community landscapes.

They continually strive to minimize environmental impact by the very judicious use of fertilizers and chemicals (favoring organic techniques whenever possible), by using recycled containers, and by avoiding plants that are considered invasive in our region.

Their mission is to seek out and grow beautiful, beneficial, interesting, and unusual native and exotic plants. They strive to delight our customers with great plants that thrive in Central Ohio climates and enhance the environment. They promote sustainable environmental practices and the joy of continuous learning.

Here's what you'll find at Scioto Gardens:

Scioto Gardens emphasizes native species and specializes in new varieties not commonly available from other local sources - one reason why our nursery is so popular with experienced gardeners and environmentalists.

Rare and unusual plants. Native orchids and carnivorous plants. Large selection of native plants. Exciting new varieties. All plants chosen to flourish in central Ohio and similar mid-western climates All plants grown in natural soil/compost blend for faster establishment


Sunapple Co. Sunapple Company

The Sunapple program helps to change assumptions about the abilities of people with disabilities.  A true community is one that values diversity, that all people deserve a living wage, and that everyone has something important to contribute.  Sunapple Studio artists participate in gallery exhibits, community art events, and all aspects of art design, production and sales.  Teach-Reach workshops are the vehicle by which Sunapple artists share the skills they have learned, by leading classes for members of the community.  Sunapple is a division of ARC Industries, Inc. that provides unique employment and job training opportunities to Franklin County adults with disabilities.

Sunapple's mission is to connect people with sustainable skills and marketable talents (who just happen to have disabilities) with the greater community, enabling both to flourish and grow.




Most of our Plant-a-Rocks are made from our native Ohio sandstone. We use natural, weathered fieldstone, top rock and ledge rock gathered up from nearby, or wherever we go. We also use more recently quarried, or antique, hand carved foundation stones. They are rescued from abandoned and demolished buildings, or highway and railroad bridges. We use granular abrasives to etch and emboss our address markers, pet memorials, signs, and decorative garden art. We carve and core our planters, stone pots, and troughs.  They are perfect for your garden, yard, patio, deck, house, office and desk.



Designs by Cherie




Cherie Swim has worked with different mediums over the years. Currently she is working with metal and handmade clay. She was inspired by Carlton Ball, an artist featured in a

magazine some yearsago. It took her on the path she is now on. With rough cut metals and handmade clays, she designs what she calls "Garden Screens," some with water features.

She is dedicated to her art, spending her days cutting and welding and making beads, then spending half the night painting. She looks forward to each day with new enthusiasm and

excitement for what the next day will bring and what else she can create




Out of the Moon Jewelry 

Out of the Moon Jewelry will be selling horticulture/gardening related custom crafted works of art that will look beautiful in your garden!