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Recycle those Pastic Pots and more at the Community Recycling Event

Jun 6, 2015, 8:00am - 12:00pm
Howlett Hall Turnaround, 2001 Fyffe Court, Columbus, OH 43210
Christina Voise

Recycle your plastic flower pots and trays and non-food grade styrofoam packing material.

Sponsored by Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens and Phoenix Recycling, Inc.







Following Chadwick Arboretum’s very successful Spring Plant Sale & Auction, I happen to know that there are approximately 14,000 plastic pots, cell packs, and trays out there that need to be recycled or re-used.

We’ll be partnering with Phoenix Recycling and accepting horticultural plastics such as pots, cell packs, and trays. We’ll also be collecting non-food grade Styrofoam such as the material that your computer or TV is packed in.

We hope to fill a semi-truck with these horticultural plastics as we have in the past. You are also welcome to stand by and take any of these plastics that you might need for your home projects.

Please note that Chadwick Arboretum won’t be able to accept any materials prior to the morning of June 6th, but you should also know that you can drop off your horticultural plastics at any of the Lowe’s stores in central Ohio if you can’t participate in our recycling event.

Please spread the word of this event among your neighbors and gardening friends!

Chadwick Arboretum will host a membership table during this event so you can join or renew your support of our programs and gardens as your vehicle is being unloaded by our volunteers, students, and staff.

Thanks for continuing to support our programs and operations!

Mary C. Maloney, Director